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A fresh, bright floral aroma, balanced with sweet citrus top notes, fresh frankincense resin and woody petitgrain. Inspired by dappled sun rays filtered through the orange grove, like droplets of pure sunshine in a bottle. A tribute to long summer days in the countryside. A scent to lift your mood, a tonic to revive, to conjure the warmth and joy of summer, whenever and wherever you need it.

Anthophila - the love of flowers.

Flowers are called upon to help us honour almost every kind of significant human event, as a symbol of love or friendship, to congratulate, to celebrate,  to show gratitude or offer comfort and condolences. Flowers are beautiful, they can bring a smile, evoke joy and signify that we care, when our care is needed most.  Many of us find our therapy in gardening and tending to flowers, a practice that dates back to antiquity, on which many flowers depend on. A recent study states this "on a sensory level, this aesthetic perceptual pleasure in flowers goes beyond vision to include smell, movement, and sensory stimuli. Flowers evoke a multisensory experience, as shown in watching flowers sway in the wind and their use in perfume... They enhance pleasant stimulation of the brain that is then connected to positive social experiences." (1)

Ingredients Essential oils of neroli, orange, petitgrain, frankincense, vetiver and yuzu in a base of pure organic golden jojoba oil.

Sizes 15ml dropper / 60ml Refill

Ingredients Jojoba oil with essential oils of labdanum, benzoin, roman chamomile, grapefruit, patchouli, manuka and buddhawood.

Available exclusively at the Wellington Apothecary

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